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8 Authorisation


Patients are advised that The Melbourne Orthopaedic Group does bill Medicare direct for Patient Accounts. All patients will receive an Account for professional services provided.

Accounts are itemised at the AMA recommended fee level. The AMA recommends a fee schedule based on what is fair and reasonable, but patients are reminded that these are beyond the standard rebate provided by Medicare. Other arrangements can be discussed with your Doctor.

WorkCover and T.A.C patients must provide correct details of the organisation accepting liability for payment of services including their employer, insurance company and claim number before treatment is undertaken.

Therapy services are not rebateable by MediCare, but are rebateable by Private Health Funds.

You will be given your account after your consultation at which time settlement would be appreciated. Mastercard and VISA credit facilities are available.

The terms of the contract are settlement of all consulation accounts on the same day and surgical accounts within 30 days. Please note if your attendance is for a second opinion you should have all correspondence and investigations available from other clinicians. There MAY be an increased charge for second opinions.

I agree to my medical information to be emailed electronically to any of my treating medical practitioners. I agree to the Terms & Conditions